Reflecting on the first day of CIPD14



This year I’ve been invited to blog and tweet from the annual conference by the CIPD. I’m part of what’s call the ‘blog squad’ and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s just before midnight at the end of the first day and I’m tucked up in bed in my rented apartment about 10 mins walk from the conference venue.

So thinking about what I heard today from Dr Alan Watkins the emotions I’m feeling right now are:

Curiosity (is that an emotional state?)
Disappointment and

I’m exhausted – last night I attended the international delegates welcome drinks and then stopped out with some of my fellow bloggers and social media HR types drinking cheap white wine and forgetting to eat. It was a great start – catching up with friends, meeting new ones and finally putting faces (& hugs proper big hugs) to those I’ve ‘known’ on line for a few years but never met IRL.

I fell into bed about midnight and after a fitful sleep was up and out by 8am to meet again for a strategic latte. It’s been non-stop since then. I’ve been ‘on’ all day (in person & online) and I’m frazzled. Frazzled in a contented way but nonetheless I’m spent.

But my brain – oh what an amazing day and night. Such brilliant, generous, thoughtful people. Some amazing speakers (see my other two blogs) and the opportunity to meet,connect and build relationships with people I respect and admire. The passion of one who today upgraded to Chartered member through the brilliant and inspired conference face to face interview process. The boundless energy of the HRD blogger who despite her feet killing her still cared at 11pm how others were doing and still wanted to share and have fun (karaoke anyone?). The elder statesman and his smoky whisky giving time and insight and showing genuine interest in what’s going on with others. I can only hope I’m some way near being like them and I’m elated from spending my day and evening with them.

I’m curious as to what’s next – how can we raise the professionalism of the profession? How can HR stand alongside finance and be seen in the same way? How can we ensure that the education gap in capability is filled and what part should we as leaders, employers or just members of society play in making sure that we leave the place of work in a way that the young people coming through (& their children’s children) have something they can build on -that isn’t toxic or broken.

And I’m disappointed – why on earth are we still talking about a freaking seat at a freaking table? Why are we still talking about the need for diversity in our profession & the workplace? Why haven’t we fixed this stuff or at least moved on from it? Why are there still people gazing at their navels when the train that is the future of work is leaving the station? Where is the insight and the new ideas?

But I’m hopeful. Tomorrow is another full day. I’m not sure I’m going to be up to it physically but I can’t wait. I’m hopeful that we’ll reach the highs of the frankly brilliant key note speech and there’ll be no more generation blah or seat at the blah blah blah klaxons.

It’s been a good day. And there’s more to come.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on the first day of CIPD14

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