An Open Door Policy

Wise words from Simon Heath from this time last year.



There are big men, men of intellect, intellectual men, men of talent and men of action; but the great man is difficult to find, and it needs – apart from discernment – a certain greatness to find him.
Margot Asquith

Today, thousands of kids across the UK who have been coached and cajoled for the past 14 years of their existence towards a goal of higher education will have all of their expectations rocked to their very foundations by the revelation that they have failed to secure the required grades for a place at college or university.

For some, this will merely have accelerated the need for the kind of considered decision-making that they had hoped to postpone with three years of mild debauchery and last-minute cramming in one of Britain’s more picturesque provincial cities. Others will suffer a crisis of confidence in their future like nothing they have experienced…

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