I had a brilliant idea when I was sleeping……

Last night I did something I haven’t done for ages – I’m really pleased I did; it was about 3am. I’d finally sorted in my mind how to deal with a particular issue at work. I’d even formed exactly the right language. Phew – my mind could stop and I could sleep.

Except I couldn’t. You see I’ve been here before – written whole letters, reports, even blog posts in the middle of the night but then when the mind is quiet and I relax they’re gone. I wake up and nothing. A vague memory of the idea, of the premise but the detail – the brilliant prose, witty narrative. Well that’s gone.

I know it’s not just me – I know it happens to is all to a greater or lesser extent. But not this time – oh no not this time.

So there’s a note on my phone (3.33am so it took me a while to decide to write the note!) – it makes sense I slept afterwards. The silly thing was this time I bloomin remembered it before I saw the note. But maybe the act of writing it down made it more solid, made it stick? Either way I’m further ahead than I would have been without it. Just need to stay awake long enough to make use of it now!

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