Real Men Don’t Look Back (or the end of a notice period)

Its time for me to move contracts again so I am working out my last few days in my current role, preparing my handover and ensuring that my files, projects and records are up to date.

The interesting thing is the shift in my colleagues behaviour and attitude towards me; each day I am moving to the outer edge of the inner circle and becoming less of a someone and much more of a no one.

I get it, working a notice period is hard on everyone.  You are not going to be here to deliver the longer term plans or work through the challenges that people perceive – you have jumped ship, taken the kings gold.  Whether you are leaving with a tear in your eye or if you are blowing it up and not looking back (real men don’t look back at explosions remember) you were in post for a reason, and I assume did good work whilst you were there but a long notice and particularly those last few days can make for awkward times.

So the days are going slowly; the emails and calls are less frequent; the meetings not always relevant and the in tray looking mightily slim.

So what to do?  Well the best darn handover in the world obviously but otherwise its a case of smile, help where you can, give good counsel and support to your colleagues and leave the place in a way you would want to find it.

Moving on to becoming no one is a challenge but its nothing personal it’s just the way of the world. 

Whilst there will be no explosion I can walk away without looking back, onwards to the next adventure.